Best Cat Food for Ferrets in 2019 – Nutritious Kitten Food for Your Tiny Pet

Because of their cuteness and activeness, ferrets are becoming favorite pets just like dogs and cats. They are sweet, little, and furry bundles of joy. These funny creatures are also foody. They love to eat food, no matter if it is a cat’s food. Yes, you read it right. Ferrets can eat good cat food. There are many options available online, and some of them are reviewed here.

Best Cat Food for Ferrets

Giving ferrets the best food can help them to stay healthy and active all day. As they can co-exist with dogs and cats after training, it is easy to keep them calm and fulfilled even with the cat food.

1. Orijen Dry Cat Food for Ferret

Orijen Dry Cat FoodFerrets are carnivores. Thus, they have to eat a meal which includes a very high meat content. You must feed them raw meat or meat-based kibble diet to keep them healthy. They have big appetites, and so they eat more.

Reasons to choose Orijen cat food for ferrets

  • It is a premium cat/kitten food, containing chicken, turkey, and wild-caught fish. It also includes cage-free eggs in the diet. Ferrets can eat all of these items.
  • Fiber and grains are not suitable for the ferrets. Orijen dry food does not contain any grains and potatoes. The fiber content is least.
  • It is made of local ingredients. Also, it is rich in proteins. Any food full of proteins works excellent for ferrets to keep them strong.
  • This food is full of nutritional values. It has 85% meat inclusions, 40% protein, 19% carbohydrates, 15% veggies & fruits, and 0% grain.
  • There is a customer care team to help you with any queries. It is biologically appropriate food for cats and kittens, which you can feed to the ferrets.


2. Wysong Dream Treats For Cats, and Ferrets

Wysong Dream Treats For Dogs, Cats, and FerretsBasically, wild ferrets are predators. They have a nature of hunting. They can eat small preys like a mouse or a bird. Pet ferrets don’t hunt as there is no one to teach them. But if they are hungry, they can consume meat, bones, or even the fur/feather.

Reasons to choose Wysong treats for ferrets

  • One of the essential reasons to choose this product over others is its cost. You can get this raw food full of nutrition at the minimum amount for your ferret.
  • There are three different flavors like chicken, quail, and rabbit. As ferrets like to consume chicken, you should go for the same flavor.
  • It contains 44% of animal-based protein and 36% of the fat. It is a non-thermal freeze-dried treats including chicken meat, organs, and bones.
  • There are no non-nutritional additives. Thus, it is rich in its nutritional value. It also includes probiotics, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Apart from the meat, a smaller portion of the food also includes some fruits and vegetables like plums and carrots. But the overall fiber doesn’t exceed half percent. Thus, it is safe for ferrets.


3. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dry Cat Food for Ferrets

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dry Cat FoodFerrets have very short intestines. They are able to digest any food quickly. Being a pet owner, you should feed them six times a day. Or, you can also keep a bowl full of kibbles within their reach. So, they can eat whenever they want!

Reasons to choose Blue Buffalo cat food

  • There are more than 1000 customers who have bought this product. This product is also a good cat food for ferrets. It contains 40% protein, 18% fat, and 4% fiber.
  • It comes in two flavors. One is a duck, and another one is chicken. It is grain free and natural cat food. Also, it is available in various sizes from 2.5 lb to 12 lb.
  • Chicken is one of the main ingredients of this dry food. It helps to build and to maintain lean muscle mass of the ferret. It doesn’t contain corn, wheat, or soy.
  • It is made with healthy carbohydrates. Such ingredients make the ferrets active. It also contains omega 3 & 6 fatty acids to support ferret skin and coat.
  • Not only protein and carbs, but there is also a precise blend of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to support cats and ferrets immune system.


4. Wellness Core Dry Food

Wellness Core Dry Cat FoodStudy on ferrets suggests that they should be kept in a strict meat diet only. If they don’t eat meat, they may become ill and eventually die. Their bodies need a balanced diet including protein, fats, minerals, and vitamins.

Reasons to choose Wellness Core cat food

  • Grains are not preferable for ferrets. This product is entirely grain-free. It is a balanced diet you can give to your cats every day and often to the ferrets.
  • It includes chicken, turkey, and whitefish. These ingredients make this food rich with premium proteins and essential vitamins.
  • It does not include any wheat items or chicken by-products. It also avoids using corn, soy, any artificial flavors, colors, or any preservatives.
  • Apart from meat, there are peas, dried ground potatoes, and ground flax seeds available. Vitamin E Supplement is also there in the food.
  • Ferrets like the odor and taste of this product. It is quite expensive compared to other kitten foods for ferrets, but it’s worthy enough.


5. Instinct Raw Boost Dry Cat Food for Ferrets

Instinct Raw Boost Dry Cat FoodFerrets only eat those foods which are familiar to them. Being an owner, you should introduce them to different varieties of food. It will help them to eat whatever you give to them. This way, they can get better nutrition and become less choosy.

Reasons to choose Instincts Raw Boost cat food

  • The primary ingredient of this dry food is cage-free chicken. It does not include any wheat, corn, soy, or any chicken by-products.
  • Artificial colors and preservatives, which are not  preferable for ferrets or even cats, are not included in Instinct cat food.
  • This cat food is rich in protein. Also, there are probiotics & omegas for healthy digestion & stool odor control.
  • Instinct cat food offers two flavors – chicken and rabbit. Cats may like rabbit flavor, but ferrets love chicken. The kibble is made with the real nutrition of raw.
  • Both, high protein kibble as well as freeze-dried raw, include in the food bag. This combination helps the ferrets with weight management and muscle protection.


So, these are some of the best cat food for ferrets available in 2019. From now onwards, if you don’t have ferret food at your home and unable to go outside, you can feed him one of these dry cat food. But, don’t make it a habit as every ferret food has their own set of benefits. Keep your ferret happy with his favorite food.

Can Ferrets Eat Cat Food?

Ferrets can eat live prey, raw meat, or ferret kibble. When it comes to cat food, they can eat anything excluding a plant-based diet like fruits, vegetables or grains. Such food items may shorten their life causing stomach diseases. Apart from that, you should keep your ferrets away from any mushy food. Ferrets need to bite something to keep their teeth healthy and clean. So yes, ferrets can surely eat cat food avoiding the stated stuff.

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