Best Ferret Shampoo: Give a Fancy Bath to Your Ferret

People like to keep ferrets as pets because ferrets are small, fun-loving and active animals. They are intellectual, and it is often suggested to buy ferrets in a pair. When it comes to the hygiene of the ferrets, these pets are low maintenance and doesn’t require frequent baths. But if you feel your pet is dirty and needs a bath then, there are a lot of shampoos for ferrets available in the market today. These shampoos are affordable, convenient and easy to use. If you want to know how often do you need to bathe a ferret along with all the ferret shampoo options, then keep reading this article.

Product PPP Pet Ferret Fresh Deodorizing Shampoo
Arm & Hammer Shampoo
Pro Pet Works Natural Oatmeal Ferret Shampoo
8 in 1 FerretSheen Deodorizing Ferret Shampoo
FeaturesPina Colada fragrance, keeping the skin and coat smelling fresh, Removing glandular excretions and musky odors
 Maintaining the pH balance, Keeps your smelly pet smelling fresh and clean
Paraben free and sulfate free, Alcohol free, Recommended for healthy skin and coat
Fighting strong ferret odors, leaves ferret's coat shiny and healthy, Long lasting fresh scent
Size8 fl oz
8 fl oz
17 oz
10 fl oz
Odor FreeYesYesYesYes
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Best Ferret Shampoo

1. Pro Pet Works Natural Oatmeal Ferret Shampoo + Conditioner

Pro Pet Works Natural Oatmeal Dog Shampoo + ConditionerThis Oatmeal dog shampoo is specially formulated for pets having allergies to food, grass and flea bites. It has aloe vera and almonds oil which helps in balancing the pH. This shampoo is suited for sensitive skin.

      Key features:

  • This shampoo is paraben free and sulfate free.
  • It also has all natural ingredients and doesn’t contain alcohol.
  • The shampoo is enriched with essential vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin E.
  • It is suited for other pets such as dogs, cats, etc.
  • It is recommended for healthy skin and coat.


2. 8 in 1 FerretSheen Deodorizing Ferret Shampoo

8 in 1 FerretSheen Deodorizing Ferret ShampooThis shampoo is the top-rated deodorizing shampoo for the ferret. It helps in also helps in conditioning the skin as well. It leaves a fresh scent which lingers for a long time.

     Key features:

  • This shampoo has microencapsulated enzymes, which helps in fighting strong ferret odors.
  • It has long lasting fragrance.
  • This shampoo has jojoba oil and aloe vera, which helps in leaving the coat of ferret shining after the bath.
  • The price of this shampoo is quite affordable.


3. Marshall Pet Products Tea Tree Ferret Shampoo

Marshall Pet Products Tea Tree Ferret ShampooThe shampoo has a unique formula with tea tree oil and spearmint. This formula is pH balanced and doesn’t irritate the skin. It is also best suited for treating fleas and tick problems.

      Key features:

  • It helps in treating fleas and ticks without stripping the essential body oils.
  • The formulation is safe, gentle and effective.
  • It leaves the coat of ferret soft and shiny.
  • This shampoo also helps in controlling the odor.


4. Arm & Hammer Shampoo

Arm & Hammer ShampooThis shampoo helps in cleaning and deodorizing. The specialty of this shampoo is that it is a waterless shampoo. It is also suited for pets such as dogs, cats, rabbits, etc.

       Key features:

  • The formula helps in maintaining the pH balance for animals.
  • The shampoo is quite mild and gentle which doesn’t irritate the eyes, nose or skin of the ferrets.
  • Arm and Hammer shampoo have baking soda which helps in neutralizing the pet odors.
  • This tearless shampoo can be used for bathing the pets.


5. Marshall Ferret Aloe Vera Shampoo

Marshall Ferret Aloe Vera ShampooMarshall ferret shampoo has a blend of Aloe Vera and eucalyptus. It helps in giving your ferret a fresh and clean scent. This shampoo is one of the best options available in the market today.

     Key features:

  • This shampoo doesn’t irritate the skin.
  • The formula contains a blend of aloe vera and eucalyptus which keeps coat shiny and soft.
  • It is a mild shampoo as it gently cleanses the skin and can be used to bathe ferrets.
  • The formula is not teary, and it is also safe as it doesn’t lead to itching.


6. PPP Pet Ferret Fresh Deodorizing Shampoo

PPP Pet Ferret Fresh Deodorizing ShampooThis pet ferret fresh shampoo is a non-drying and deodorizing shampoo. It has a fresh scent which helps in keeping the pet smells away. It also has a unique deep cleaning formula.

     Key features:

  • This shampoo has a pina colada fragrance, keeping the skin and coat smelling fresh.
  • It makes easy to comb out as it leaves the fur tangle free.
  • The formula is specially designed to fight malodors.
  • It also helps in removing glandular excretions and musky odors of ferrets.


7. Fancy Ferret Shampoo Protein Lanolin

Fancy Ferret Shampoo Protein LanolinFancy ferret shampoo has formula enriched with lanolin. This protein rich shampoo is useful in controlling the body odors. This shampoo is pH balanced and rinses out completely.

     Key features:

  • As this shampoo contains lanolin it helps in preventing dryness.
  • It also helps in controlling the body odor.
  • It is recommended for bathe as it does not strip off the natural oils from the skin and coat.
  • This shampoo is also recommended for making the coats shinier.


How often do you bathe a ferret ?

If you are a pet owner or are looking forward to buying a ferret, then you must know that there is a typical odor of ferrets which cannot be beared for a long time. Ferrets need minimal maintenance when it keeps to bathing.

It is suggested that your ferret has a bath at least once a month. Frequent baths are not suggested as it might strip off the natural body oils from the skin leading to dryness. If your pet is dirty or has played in the dirt, then a bath is recommended. Apart from it, one bathe a month keeps the coat and skin healthy and shiny. Also, it should be noted that shampoo with a lot of chemicals should not be used. Try to use shampoo with natural ingredients and see your pet’s skin all healthy and glossy.

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