Best Kibble for Ferrets – Top Reviewed Ferret Food of 2019

The popularity of the ferrets has been increasing among pet lovers due to their size and playful nature. While the ferrets are comparatively easy to handle and low-maintenance, it is essential to pay attention to what they eat and their health. There are many options of pet food available quickly for the cats and dogs there are still limited options for the ferret food. Some people prefer feeding their ferrets the cat food, but the cat food might not contain the nutrition required by the ferrets. Hence it becomes necessary to give a proper and nutritional meal to your little friend.

After searching for good ferret kibbles and meals, I came across four ferret kibbles that are of the premium quality and have the ingredients that help in aiding the digestion. All these kibbles have a high protein percentage that promotes growth and healthy skin, coat, teeth, etc. To know which are the options of best ferret kibbles, read the list below.

Best Kibble for Ferrets

1. Wysong Dry Kibble for Ferrets

Wysong Dry Kibble for FerretsThe Wysong Dry Ferret food is the most loved and top-rated ferret food among the ferret owners. It has also been a leader in pet food nutrition for a long time. This ferret food contains the ingredients that help in controlling the soluble fibre and is made with a unique formulation. The food contains 62% fat and 16% protein along with other essential nutrients.

Key features

  • The ferret food contains probiotics, prebiotics, enzymes, and nutraceuticals which is beneficial for the digestive system.
  • All the ingredients in the ferret food are genetically appropriate without any starch ingredients.
  • This kibble has a natural flavour and a desirable taste that is liked by the ferrets.
  • It also includes antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.
  • This ferret food aids digestive health and desirable stool consistency.


2. Sheppard and Greene Adult Ferret Food

Sheppard and Greene Adult Ferret FoodSheppard and Greene adult ferret food are one of the best options for the ferret kibble that is available in the market. It has high-quality ingredients that promote healthy skin and coat. The food is rich in proteins along with essential vitamins and antioxidants. This ferret food is suitable for adult ferrets and weaned kits.

Key features

  • The ferret food has real chicken as the first ingredient.
  • It helps in reducing the shedding of the hair in ferrets.
  • The food has ingredients that help in promoting a healthy immune system.
  • It also helps in reducing the hairballs.


3. Totally Ferret Active Diet Kibble

Totally Ferret Active Diet KibbleAnother excellent option for your ferret kibble is the totally ferret active diet. This ferret kibble is like a hidden gem in the list of best kibbles for the ferret. It helps in promoting healthier teeth and less tartar buildup. It has the right amount of protein that is derived from animal-based sources such as chicken and eggs. This ferret food helps in supporting the digestive system.

Key features

  • The ferret food is made from the nutritious ingredients in the form of kibble which can be easily fed to ferrets.
  • This ferret food contains 36% protein and 22% fats which is best suited for the ferret’s diet.
  • It also has the essential vitamins and minerals for coat, skin and heart health that helps in keeping the ferret healthy.
  • The meal guarantees its freshness and digestibility.


4. ZuPreem Grain Free Kibble for Ferrets

ZuPreem Grain Free Kibble for FerretsThis ferret food has been receiving positive feedbacks from the ferret owners. The pet vets also recommend this food as it is grain free. It has three protein sources that give options to the ferret owners who are looking for an alternative protein source. It is also available in different quantities, you can select the option depending upon the number of ferrets you own.

Key features

  • ZuPreem Grain food consists of 42% proteins and 18% fat that is beneficial for the ferrets.
  • It is 100% grain-free diet that promotes digestive health.
  • All the ingredients are of high quality along with the premium quality meat.
  • The food has a great flavour and taste that is liked by the ferrets.


Know a little more about the ferret diet

It is essential to know what your ferrets can eat or not to give them the proper diet. It is recommended that the ferrets should not be given the food that is rich in carbohydrates and fiber as it is not suitable for them. A high protein meal along with fats is recommended for the little pets. Dog food should never be given to ferrets as it is rich in fiber and can cause problems in the digestion.

Another essential thing to know about the diet of your ferret is that it is a carnivore and loves to eat meat. You can give fresh meat to your ferret or feed them the kibble that has meat or chicken as the protein source. Beans and vegetables are not good either for their diet. Cooked eggs can also be given to the ferret. Many fruits and vegetables are not suitable for ferret such as apple, orange, broccoli, onions, etc.

Check the protein source and its percentage always before buying the ferret food.

I hope this article helps you in deciding which kibble is the best ferret kibble for your little pet along with some facts about the ferret diet.

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