Can Ferrets Live Outside? – Know Weather Temperature Effects on Ferret

Ferrets are a domesticated form of a polecat. It looks similar to guinea pig when it’s born. These species are mostly seen in white, black or brown colors.

Can Ferrets Live Outside?

Being a member of the weasel family, they are a bit different from other caged pets. Because of their high energy and intelligence, often a question arises. Can ferrets live outside? Well yes, ferrets can live outside. Read the below steps and get to know about ferrets and how they can live outside.

1. TemperatureFerrets Live Outside

Ferrets generally prefer cold weather than hot. More than 26 degrees celsius is dangerous and above 32 degrees can give them a heatstroke. To keep your ferret cool in this temperature, follow the simple steps below. When you take your ferret outside and it’s hot. Take a plastic bottle and fill it with ice, wrap a thin piece of cloth on the bottle. Place it properly in the corner of the cage. It will help the cage to absorb less heat and also keep your ferret coolKeep spraying your ferret with water till you are out, over spraying the ferrets can also be harmful. As they are wet all day and can get infected to diseases. If you are keeping ferrets outside the cage, then give them ice bags to play and surround the area with ice cubes or water. You can also keep a mobile air conditioner near your ferrets but make sure it’s not too close and at a proper distance.

2. Keeping ferrets vaccinated 

Ferrets are susceptible species and should get proper treatment in terms of health. Whenever you plan to take your ferrets outside, prefer to give them a safety medication or vaccination. Vaccination can protect the ferrets from mosquitoes, dust, insects and infection. If proper care is not taken, illness can harm ferrets and cause major issue leading to risk of their lives. Vaccination and medication can also keep your ferrets away from fertilizers and deadly chemicals.

3. Keeping ferrets active 

Keeping Ferrets Active

Ferrets are really intelligent species. One has to keep their ferrets busy. Give Ferret a weekly bath. This keeps them hygienic. One should take their ferrets out twice a week for a walk. Slowly they’ll get habituated to the environment of outside and so the temperature won’t affect adversely.  While taking them for walks, beware of dogs or any other animals on the road. Do give them medication before a walk and keep them hydrated by providing water/juice during walks. 

4. Friendly ferrets 

Ferrets are often called “friendly ferrets” because they can easily adjust with everything. Ferrets are brilliant pets and can be trained. Before getting them known to the outside world, one should make ferrets learn the basic manners, like not to bite humans, obey the masters, and eat from the given plateOnce they are trained, get them out for a walk. After the 1st walk/visit to the outside world, make your ferrets visit a veterinarian. Make sure if the atmosphere is suitable and does not have a negative reaction on your pet.

Ferret care tips

There are a few steps and need one should do to keep their ferrets healthy and hygienic. Follow the steps below to know better.

1. Companionship ferret

Ferrets are species which should be kept in groups or pairs. If you have a single ferret, it will need more attention and care. You have to make it feel comfortable continuously. So if there are more than one ferrets than there are chances of them living longer and happier.

2. Housing

Ferrets need special care for their accommodation. They have a different small house with bowls and water sipper. It also has a play area and small beds. It helps ferrets to live comfortably and happily.


3. Food

Ferrets are carnivores and need a varied diet. Proper protein and minerals can make them healthier. Ferrets can be a fantastic pet. If you are ready and able to meet a few needs, you’re prepared to bring a furry ferret friend into your family.

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