Chinchilla vs Ferret: Choose Between the Cute Pets

Are you confused between a chinchilla VS ferret? Unable to decide which one you should bring home as a pet? Well, I will not blame you because I know the choice is difficult. Both of these creatures are too cute to handle and very attractive. Keeping a chinchilla or a ferret depends on your personal preference and circumstances. Both require regular care and the same amount of attention. Undoubtedly such pets are adorable and look a bit similar, but they are not. They are unique in their ways, and this article will show you how! Let’s find out.

Chinchilla vs Ferret

Both a chinchilla and a ferret have proved themselves as great pets. But, you must research before investing your energy, money, as well as emotions on any one of them. It’s also essential for them to if you are aware of their likes and dislikes that will eventually keep them healthy and make them happy. The primary differences between these two pets are as under.

Family Breeds

Chinchilla is also known as ‘Chin.’ It is one of the cutest pets ever and comes from the family of rodents, while a ferret belongs to weasel’s family. Both of these are small animals with an average lifespan.


A ferret can live up to 8 to 10 years, while a chinchilla’s lifespan ranges between 15 and 20 years. Chinchillas are best for those people who want a pet that lives a long and healthy life.


Ferrets have a carnivorous/animal diet, while chinchillas can survive on the herbivore/plant diet. Thus, if you are a vegan and unable to provide meat to your pet, chinchilla is the perfect choice for you.


As chinchillas are an herbivore, they prefer to eat grass hay, fruits, and vegetables. A chinchilla also likes to have various treats such as nuts, seeds, and dry fruits. While ferrets are a carnivore and prefer to have raw meat, you can use any cat food for the ferret. The ferrets love their food when their meals are rich in protein. 


Ferrets are quite mischievous and playful. They are lively and love to bond with their owners. They can become great companions. On the other hand, chinchillas are highly athletic and quiet in nature. They are moody and sometimes don’t like to be with anyone. You need to provide them their space.

Sleep Cycle

Research shows that ferrets are the most playful during early morning and evening. Apart from that, they can sleep anywhere anytime. Chinchillas are also highly active during dawn and dusk. Both of them have nocturnal/crepuscular sleep cycles. 


It is crucial not to keep the ferrets as well as chinchillas in opposite gender groups. Either keep them alone in their cages with a lot of toys and human interactions or give them a partner of same-gender groups.


You have to brush ferrets coat regularly, especially when their shedding season is on. They also need regular trimming. On the other hand, chinchillas don’t need regular trimming even though they have lovely and luxurious soft hair. You just have to remove any food stuck in their hair using your hands. Also, give them a regular dust bath twice a week to keep them clean.


Ferrets quickly develop wax in their ears. You have to clean them regularly to prevent infections. Chinchillas are maintenance-free when it comes to their long and big ears. The majority of them never develop any ear issues.


Ferrets love biting and chewing. Thus, you must brush their teeth at least once a week to prevent measures and mouth infections. Chinchillas develop malocclusion and overgrown teeth problems after a few years of their birth. They will undoubtedly need regular oral examinations as their teeth continue to grow continuously. You can also give them hay, wooden toys, or even mineral stones to protect their teeth and make them strong.


Looking at the above differences between the two furry animals, you might get an idea of how the two pets are different than each other. Now, it is your choice whether you want to have an active pet or a peaceful pet. Both of them are lovely creatures and have different characteristics. Research and ask other ferret or chinchilla owners before purchasing any! Know which animal is the most suitable for you and your house environment. Be it a ferret or a chinchilla; keeping a pet is not a difficult task. 


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