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Hey, are you willing to keep ferrets as the pet? If yes, then you must be excited about gaining the in-depth information about loving ferrets. Here I will make you aware of their physical characteristics that include weight, size, and length. This article will cover all the facts about ferret so that you can come to know about this innocent being.

Ferret personality

These common pets are incredibly intellectual that enjoys the company of each other so it would be great if you buy the pair of ferrets. They like nipping and holds curious behavior so try to involve in every activity. You will find these small pets active and healthy which will adore you while they play among themselves. Homes with small children are not suitable for the ferrets as they can cause harm to young ones with their bared teeth and bites.

Ferret personality

How big do ferrets get?

If we talk about male ferrets, then you will find that in length, and weight males are comparatively larger than female ferrets.

CharacteristicsFemale ferretMale Ferret
Ferret Length13-14”15-16”
Ferret Weight0.75-2.5lbs2-3.5lbs
Known asJillsHobs

“Kits” name is referred to baby ferrets.

Ferret diet

Ferrets are considered carnivorous so that they will desire for meat. The high amount of animal fat will provide them excellent metabolic rate. They avoid fish based food. It is crucial that all the time you make available the fresh water for your dear ferrets. Provide them the variety of foods so that they develop their taste accordingly.

Ferret diet

How to play with a ferret?

You will find fun and joy in ferret’s company as they are mad about playing. While playing, they prefer to have the company of yours and other ferrets too. Wrestling also finds place in their fun activities.Apart from that, you can add some more exciting games like A-Maze-ing Fun, Fishing for ferrets, tag, seasonal fun, the towel game, ferret trampoline, pillow-fight, happy human war dance and the ferret indy 500. All these games will boost their fun and add more joy to their life.

play with a ferret


How to bathe a ferret?

Certainly, ferrets are found to be the clean creature which requires minimum bath. If you provide regular shower to your affectionate ferret, then it will take away the natural oil from their fur. So to avoid dryness from their soft body, you should provide bath quarterly with mild shampoos meant for ferret. Make use of bathtub or kitchen sink for bathing your ferret. In the bottom of the tub, you can use rubber mat or towel so that ferret can enjoy firm footing. If you add some treats like waterproof toys, then it will provide fun and motivation to your ferret at the time of bathing. 

bathe a ferret

How to clean ferret ears?

Use cotton ear cleaner to clean the sensitive ears of your ferrets. Make sure these cleaners should be pet-friendly. You can make use of small sized human nail clipper to trim the nails of your ferrets. It would be great if you regularly keep your ferrets’ nail in proper condition.

clean ferret ears

How to potty train a ferret?

You can train your ferrets for the use of litter box or newspaper as the toilet. The digestive tract of ferrets is short, so they can’t resist for the longer time. So to provide your ferret’s convenient life, you can place the box near the playground and in the room corner. It will provide easy and comfortable access to your ferrets.

potty train a ferret

Where will you keep ferrets?

As a pet owner if you bring ferrets at your home then you should buy ferret cage to provide accommodation to your valued ferrets. For bedding, you can use towels or some other type of soft fabrics in the cage. The portable ferret cage can be carried to vet pace for medical assistance. Arrange the litter box in the cage. From time to time check the cleanliness of the cage so that your ferrets can enjoy the hygienic environment.

ferret cage

How To Keep Your ferret healthy?

Keeping your ferrets in sound health is essential. Be particular about their vaccinations and medical checkups. Up to 5 years of age they require annual checkups, and during old age, twice health checkups are recommended once a year. If you sense something wrong with their body, then you should consult the veterinarian.

The typical health issues observed in their body are the intestinal blockage, adrenal diseases, heartworm, fleas and canine distemper.

How long does a ferret live?

On average ferrets live about 6-8 years, but the lifespan can also rise to 11-12 years.

The information as mentioned above will help you in developing the necessary details about ferrets. Now I would like to throw light on some more exciting part of ferret life.

Exciting ferret facts

You will be surprised to know about the ferret facts that they sleep near about 14-18 hours per day and remain active during early morning and at evening time. These active creatures like to steal and hide things. Their name is derived from Latin word “fur” which denotes “little thief.” They invite for playing when they perform leaps and bouncing into near objects. The term “business” is assigned to the group of ferrets.

Would you like to own ferrets?

No doubt ferrets are attractive creatures that will offer fun to your life. With your proper love and care, you can provide comfy stay to your ferrets. The ownership of ferrets is restricted to specific areas and states of America as well as Australia. If you are planning to keep ferrets in the Northern Territory, then it may not be possible due to their unavailability.

If you are keenly interested in bringing ferrets at your home, then make prior arrangements for your ferret comfortable stay. You will get enormous help from this article which is entirely based on ferrets’ life.

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