Ferret Nation vs Critter Nation – Which One is Best for Ferret Cage?

A lot of people get confused when it comes to buying cages for their ferrets, and most people think that both the ferret nation cage and critter cage are the same. But that is not the truth; there are some differences in both the cages.

Ferret nation cages were initially introduced for the ferret owners to keep their ferrets. Due to the increase in demand for the cages of other animals, critter nation cages were also introduced later.

Both these cages have similarities along with some differences. To understand all the aspects let us compare all the features of the ferret nation cage vs critter nation cage.

Ferret Nation vs Critter Nation

  • Bars and its Spacing in the cages

Starting with ferret nation cage, it comes with verticals bars of 1-inch bar spacing which is appropriate for ferrets whereas the critter nation cage has ½ inch spacing and horizontal bars. Critter nation cages have lesser spacing as compared to the critter nation cages.

ferret nation cage

Ferret nation cages have fewer bars per foot as compared to critter cages, and hence the critter cage weighs more.

As the critter cages have vertical bars and less bar spacing it is more convenient for smaller animals such as rats. The vertical bars make it easy for small animals to climb. However, the ferret cages have horizontal bars with a larger spacing which makes it a perfect fit for ferrets.

  • Price point per cost

Now if we compare the price point of both these cages, critter nation cages are little expensive comparatively. But there is one more option available for the animal cages.

Another great option – Feisty Ferret cage

That one more option available in the market for keeping the ferrets which are known as the feisty ferret cage. These cages have two main levels and two shelves. The bars are vertical in this cage and the spacing between the bars if of a ⅞ inch that is smaller than ferret nation cage but is more than critter nation cage.

Ferret nation cage and critter nation cage have fully opening doors which make it easy to clean these cages whereas the feisty ferret cage have the right door that can be opened and the left doors are closed and sealed and cannot be opened.

Feisty ferret cages are smaller than ferret nation cages. The shelves of the feisty ferret cages are slimmer as compared to ferret nation cages and hence do not have much space for accessorizing. The ramps of the shelf are made up of plastic instead of solid metal with bar rungs which makes it easy for rats to climb.

Feisty ferret cages are cheaper than ferret cages but comparing all the aspects of both the ferret nation cage vs critter cage, The ferret nation cages are a better choice if you want to buy a cage for your ferrets because although it’s a bit costly than feisty ferret cages, it is more comfortable to clean the ferret nation cages. It is also specially designed for keeping ferrets, and the bar spacing is apt for ferrets.

Concluding remarks

As the ferret nation cages are light in weight, have horizontal bars and are easy to clean I think ferret nation cages is the best investment for keeping your little friends.

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