Ferret Vs Weasel Vs Mink: Know Minor Differences of this Family

To tell the difference between weasel and ferret or to know about ferret vs mink is quite tricky because of the obvious reasons. All three of these are members of the mustelid animal family. They have some common underlying characteristics. They inevitably differ in size, habitat, and diet; but the defence mechanism and some other behaviours do not change from each other. Apart from these three, we can also include martens, fishers, polecats, etc. into the same category or community we are talking about! Let’s find out the minor difference of this family in this article.

Mink vs Ferret

  • Ferrets’ ancestors were polecats. Both of them can swim but do not prefer swimming. Thus, they live semi-aquatic lives and lives beside the rivers. Minks can swim and lives in the lakes or rivers.
  • They depend on the fish, crustaceans, and small water creatures; where the ferrets prefer to eat terrestrial mammals like mice, voles, hamsters, etc.
  • As a pet, ferrets require a lot of pamperedness and attention. They need a healthy, non-vegetarian diet and proper training. They prefer meat as food. A ferret can surely be a good pet, but the minks do not!
  • To keep the minks as a pet, they need training and care like a zoo animal. They also require the pool or some outdoor enclosure, which is not possible for an individual in most of the cases; while the ferrets want a big cage to live.
  • Minks are never bred for temperament, while ferrets are one of the most famous pets in the world. People keep the minks just for fur color and quality. Also, they are wild, and when they get chance to escape, they run away.

Ferret vs Weasel

  • Both the animals are swift, and they have long bodies. But, they are different than each other in many characteristics like appearance, behaviours, and diet. Their hunting habits are also different than each other.
  • Weasels have shorter bodies and longer tail compared to ferrets. They have reddish-brown or entirely brown top coats, and at the downside, they are white, while the ferrets have black-brown coats with some pinches of white.
  • Weasels’ length can range between 5” to 18”. Also, they possess a tail which can grow up to 13”long; while the ferrets can be a 24” long creature including the tail size. Both of them can squeeze their bodies if they want to enter in some small openings, but as pets, the ferrets need big ferret cages.
  • Weasels prefer small creatures like mice, rabbits, and snakes, etc. Ferrets prefer small prey to drink their blood and also love to have insects, chicken, etc. Both the animals have keen sight and smell so that they can hunt quickly.
  • Ferrets can become a good pet, but weasel as a pet is undoubtedly a bad option! Weasels are known for their bad temperaments. They are dangerous for the other pets, living creatures, and even for the humans. It is illegal to keep them as a pet as they are highly unsocial.

So, these are some points which explain the difference between mink and ferret, and also weasels. There are some other creatures like otters, fishers, badgers, skunks, etc. which belong to the same family. Each animal differs from each other, but the differences are very minor. I hope I have explained all the differences clearly to solve your queries. Stay tuned for more info. 🙂

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