How Big Do Ferrets Get: Check Out Exact Weight and Height

Are you looking for the small furry creature as a pet in your home? If you want to make this loving creature as the part of your family, then you must be excited to get familiar with some basic facts of the ferrets.

In this article, I would like to make you acquainted regarding how big do ferrets get so that you can gain the advanced knowledge of the ferrets which will help you in planning accordingly.


How Big are Ferrets?

In ferrets, you will observe quick maturity. You will see that by the age of 4 months they can reproduce due to their full size and ability. You will find your ferret in midlife at the age of 3. All through their lives, the ageing process of ferrets remains to continue.

Let’s explore the facts in detail.

  • By the gender, the adult ferret weighs in the middle of 1 and 4 pounds approximately. The height ranges from 18-24”.
  • In species, the more significant sex is the male ferret. It ranges from 2-4 pounds. From nose to tail tip, the average length is near about 24”.
  • The weight of female ferret is from 1-2.5 pounds. They tend to be smaller. From nose to the tip of the tail, the length of the female ferret is 18”.
  • The four months old ferret is considered full grown. They acquire adult weight.

Female ferret

Weight1.5 pounds
Height12 inches approximately

Male Ferret

Weight2.5 pounds
HeightAlmost 16 inches

The height is measured from the tip of the nose to the end of the tail. The lifespan of the ferret is near about from 6-10 years. Between the age of 5 to 8 months, the female ferrets reach the sexual maturity while sexually maturity enjoyed by male ferrets is from 6 – 8 months. It depends how much you take proper care of your ferrets.

Identify the exact weight and height

This piece of writing on how big are ferrets will help you in identifying the correct weight and height of your dear ferrets. No matter what is the gender of your ferret, either you own jills (female ferrets) or male ferrets (hobs) is your pet friend, from this post you can check out the information concerning weight and height of your ferrets.

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