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How Big Should a Cockatiel Cage Be: Verify Your Cage Size Now

The cage plays a crucial role in the life of the birds. So it becomes essential to provide appropriate enclosure to your dear birds so that they can experience the quality time in it. If you are looking cage for your cockatiel, then make sure you go for the best one.

The first and foremost point to be taken into account is the cockatiel cage size. We all are aware of the fact that cockatiel is a medium-sized pet bird. Now you must be thinking in what manner the dimensions of the cage should be considered.

Here I will guide you in what way you can decide the cage proportions for your cockatiel.

How Big should a Cockatiel Cage be?

Keep this point in mind that the size of the cage should always be big so that your precious bird can stay comfortably. Even you should count the space to keep the accessories in your bird’s crate.

Let’s talk over the points related to the size of the cockatiel cage.

  • By length, you should go for the bigger cage. It will prove to be spacious if you decide 14” cage from all directions. Ensure that the height and length should be in an adequate amount which you can choose up to 3’. If the width is of 18” then also it will serve aptly. With this dimension, your bird will get adequate space to fly.
  • You can also consider the cage is holding the width and length of 20” and height of 24”. For your valuable cockatiel, you can make use of the medium-sized stand-up cage.
  • Evaluate the distance between the bars. The head of your birds can trap in the bars if they are spaced out which may cause injury to your birds. Opt the horizontal bars because the cockatiel birds love to climb. 1/2’’ or 5/8’’ is the proper element of bar spacing. To prevent injury, you can choose the bar spacing of not more than three-quarters of an inch. For wire spacing, there should be at least a thickness of 2.5mm.
  • 24” L x 18” W x 24” H is measured as the minimum size of the cage.
  • If you own near about two or more birds, than you can buy the cage which varies from 30” W x 35” L x 40” H.  

All these points will give you an approximate idea about the cockatiel cage size.

Let’s verify the cockatiel cage size

Make sure that the cage of your cockatiel should be safe and secure for your pet birds. There should be sufficient personal space for these birds to enjoy the comfy stay. Their long tail and head crest need the large area to acclimate themselves as they are regarded playful.

If you buy the large cage, then your birds will find more comfort in the cage. Allow your birds to continue the daily activities without any restrictions. The information mentioned in this article will make you aware of the dimensions to be taken care of while buying the cockatiel cage.

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