How Much Do Ferrets Cost? And Other Facts

Every ferret owner is concerned about the ferret prices so that they can plan all the things systematically beforehand. For rearing the ferrets, you have to look after ample of requirements of your ferrets so that they can enjoy the comfortable and pleasant stay. It would be worthwhile to have an idea about how much does a ferret cost which includes the cost of all the supplies like food, shelter, litter, litter boxes, food and water bowls, cage, toys, crate, cost of the vet, care supplies, harness and much more.

The more you will provide facilities to your dear ferret, the more they will enjoy their stay. These services will make their life easy going and comfy. So in this article, I will converse about ferret prices which will help you in framing the future planning regarding raising the ferrets at your home. Let’s move on!

How much do ferrets cost?

Lots of variables are considered to determine the cost of ferrets. The cost of buying or adopting the ferret differs as it depends on where you buy it. The cost of the pet store, shelter, and breeder all varies as you will find ferrets in different conditions in all these places.

Places Approximate Cost
Shelter $100
Pet store $300
Private Breeders $275

You will find that cost of every place is different due to the facilities they provide like vaccination charges, veterinary, and spaying cost.

There is not fix the range of owing the lovely ferrets as how much are ferrets depend on your budget. As an owner, you have to arrange essential supplies for the valued ferrets so that they can stay happy. I would like to throw light on these crucial supplies.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Ferret

  • Eatables and water supply – If you want that your ferret friend enjoys sound health then it would be worthy to provide the high-quality diet to your ferrets. Meat is the rich source of nutrients for ferrets. So you can arrange food containing meat protein and fats. It may cost you $20-$30. Ferrets like playing with their water bowls by digging in it. You can attach the water bowls to their cage. The cost may be $8- $14.
  • Bedding – Make sure that you provide the spacious, durable and comfortable bed to your ferrets so that they can stay comfortably. If you prepare the foundation of old T-shirts and clothes, then it won’t cost you, but if you get it from the store, then it may require near about $25-$45.The rates depend on the materials used for manufacturing the bed.
  • Cage- If you go for large cage then it would be good for your dear ferrets to move around comfortably. Before finalizing the pen make sure it well ventilated and long-lasting. The large ferret may cost near about $120- $350. If you don’t want to spend much amount in cages, then you can also move for softly used ferret cages that you can buy it from shelters at reasonable prices.
  • Playing Equipment – To keep your ferrets active and joyful you can take help of playing equipment that will deliver fun to your ferrets. It solely depends on your financial plan that how much you would like to spend on the entertainment of the ferrets. The range lies between $7- $25.
  • Crate – It acts as the safe place for your ferrets to stay. If you are facing the situation of transferring your ferrets to the vet, then it provides great help to you. The price may start from $20.
  • Grooming supplies – It is essential to provide proper grooming to your ferrets which cover nail clippers and shampoo which may cost near about $7-$15, hairball laxative that ranges $5-$8, teeth cleaner to maintain their teeth may cost roughly $6-$9.
  • Litter box – It would be commendable if you arrange multiple litter pots for your ferret so that they perform their task in the cage or play area easily. Nominally a litter box costs $6-$13, but if you want to spend less money on litter boxes then you can try recycled newspaper pellets or wood pellets that will charge near about $5.
  • Treats and delights – It entirely depends on you whether you would like to offer gifts and joys to your beloved ferrets or not. But if you feel like to give it as a motivation factor then you can look for something that starts from $2 and up.
  • Miscellaneous issues –  There are many other subjects on which you have to spend for your ferrets like medical issues which may include checkups that may cost $13-$20 and vet visits may range from $55-$110. The facility of harness which will allow your ferret to move around may cost from $10-$15. You can estimate near about $500-$1000 for any other emergency situation.

On an average, the ferrets can cost near about $400-$1700. But remember this rough estimate is meant for first month only. The cage, bedding, playing equipment and much more will stay for the longer time while the ongoing expenses will be food, litter, and visit the veterinarian. So from this article, so you can make out how much are ferrets initially and after some time what will be the ferret cost which includes various types of activities. Your expenses also depend on how much you pamper your precious ferrets. It won’t be tough to deal with ferrets as they are cute loving beings which will add pleasure to your life.

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Isaac Ince is Professional Animal Scientist. He is researching on Ferret's life; how can ferret live its daily routine. Ferret is used in study research center for pathogenesis and treatment in a variety of human disease.

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