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How to Clip Ferret Nails : Trim Without Bleeding

We all love grooming our ferrets and make them very clean. Clipping off nails is the biggest step in grooming ferret and also keeping them healthy. The article below has two methods showing how to trim ferret nails. 

How to Clip a Ferret’s Nails

Method 1. One man show

This method is all about cutting the nails of ferret all by yourself without anyone’s involvement or help. 

Things you’ll need:

  • Salmon Oil
  • Ferret one/ Lin atone
  • Styptic powder 
  • Towel
  • Nail clipper

Step 1

Let us first get ready with the tools and products which we are going to use. 

Ferrets are very sensitive and cutting their nails is a very difficult job. To be fully prepared, set a table with a towel, salmon oil, ferret on, styptic powder (in case if the ferret gets hurt accidentally), and nail clipper. Cutting the Nails of Ferret

Step 2

Once you are ready with your products and tools, we will start the process of cutting nails. Ferrets are very smart so don’t let them feel of their grooming session. Smartly observe the nails of your ferret. You will see the whole nail portion of the ferrets which would be long and sharp. Beneath that you will find a reddish or pinkish area which is known as “ the quick”. These are blood vessels which can be harmed during the whole nail cutting session. 

Warning: Be careful as a little bit of cut in their quick may cause great harm to your ferret. For ferrets this trimming part is very painful.

Step 3

When you are confident and aware of the nails. Now it’s time to cut the nails. Play with ferret for a while and then slowly keep them on the towel. Make sure the stomach is on the upward side and back is on your lap and towel. Rub their stomach for sometime and add a few drops of salmon oil or ferret one/linatone on their stomach. Once you spread the oil, ferret would start licking  their belly. The moment your ferret is busy in licking the oil. This is the perfect time to trim the nails.

Step 4

Cutting off nails while your ferret is busy in treat is the best time. Use a nail clipper and cut the white portion of the nail. Approximately cut ⅛ inch of the nail. Do the same for each nail and if during this your ferrets treat gets finished then spread some more drops of oil on the belly. You smartly hold their legs and carefully cut the nails. Make sure you don’t trim the quick.  

Method 2. Power of four hands (a friend)

Step 1

Ask a friend to help you chop off the nails of your ferret. Tell them to hold the ferret from the back. Ask your friend to use the thumb and forefingers to hold a grip behind ferret’s nack. Holding a ferret from back and grasping the neck is known as scruff. Handle your ferret very slowly and take special care of ferret so it may not fall. 

Cutting the Nails of Ferret

Step 2

To make your ferret more comfortable and friendly, ask your friend to keep another hand on the high ends of your ferret. This is the position where ferrets feel secure and always yawns. Once the ferret is friendly, it would not try to squirm. Support the ferret properly and you are good to go

Step 3 

Once your ferret is settled and calm take one paw in your hand and have a nail clipper in your other hand. Cut the nails slowly and smoothly. Approximately cut ⅛ inch of the nail. Do the same for each nail and use the styptic powder if anywhere needed. 

What is you accidentally cut the blood vessels known as quick?

Don’t worry this happens when your ferret is moving a lot or you are not much confident. Cutting the blood vessel may get your ferret in pain but once you cut the quick, quickly apply the styptic powder to stop the bleeding. Make sure that the tip of the nail is fully coated with styptic powder. Wait for a minute and if still bleeding doesn’t stop then use a tissue to press the power towards your ferret’s nails. Even after 15 minutes, the bleeding doesn’t stop then you need to take your ferret to a veterinarian.

So this is how you can clip ferret nails and make their paws look clean and good. For hygiene purpose also one needs to trim the nail every month of twice a week. Do follow the steps and also tell us your experience while cutting the nail. Hope this article would have helped you in clipping your ferret nails.

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