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How to Fatten Up a Ferret? – Useful Guide to Weight Gain of Ferret

The owners of ferret usually complain about how their ferrets are skinny and are continually looking out for options to help their ferrets in gaining weight. Well, I am here to help you in making that process easier. In this article, I will mention the ways to fatten up your ferret along with some useful tips that can aid in reaching the goal quickly.

How to Fatten Up a Ferret?

The know-how of calories in ferrets

Ferrets are the kind of pets that are very physically very active. Due to their high number of physical activities, the consumption of the calories is also higher. To make sure that your ferret is not skinny, begin by first feeding the ferret well and keeping track of the calories in the food. Ferrets generally eat 8-10% of their body weight, and it should be seen that the ferrets are eating meals that are high in calories and energy to help them.

The weight of the ferrets like humans also depend on the type of meals they have. Many options are available for ferret food that claims to be high on calories and can help your pet in gaining weight. There dry food available for the ferrets that can also assist in escalating the weight. To make sure that your ferret eats more calories than the calories lost during playing games or in other activities.

What to feed for helping with weight gain?

While there are many options available for the ferret food, I am going to categorize it in three sections for helping you to understand the importance of each type of food and how it can assist with the weight gain:

Raw meat: Many ferret owners feed raw meat to their ferrets which is a good source of proteins as well as fats. Giving raw meat along with the ferret food in their meals is beneficial for increasing the weight. Many people prefer cooking raw meat and then serving it to their ferrets. There is some difference in the calories of raw and cooked meat.

meat forferret

It is suggested to choose the fattier portions of the meat as it will be rich in fats and nutritional value. Such meat cuts can help in gaining more calories as compared to the leaner parts of the meat. It also helps in increasing the daily calorie count and thus helpful in fattening your little guy.

Dry ferret food: With the awareness and advances in the field of food and technology there are many varieties available for the dry food available in the market. The best part is that it comes in a lot of different flavors to choose from. Another important aspect of giving your ferret such food is that it comes with a nutrition chart that helps in keeping track of the calories that are fed to the ferrets.

dry ferret food

You can choose the dry food and give it along with the raw meat for increasing the calorie intake in your ferrets.

Home Cooked meals: Many ferret owners like to feed their ferrets with home-cooked meals. There are many recipes available online that you can search for the weight gain of the ferret. Along with recipes, there are online tutorials also available for preparing the meals at home to help with the weight gain.

Some tips and tricks for fattening your ferret

If you notice that your ferrets are eating well but still not gaining weight, then you can try this tip.

  • Increase the proportions of the food in the meal that you give to your ferret or increase the number of times you provide a meal to your ferret. Either way, there will be more calorie consumption that will help in gaining weight.
  • Make sure that calorie consumption is more than the calorie expenditure in playing games, walking, etc.
  • For boosting the process of weight gain, you can also feed your ferrets with additional supplements that are available in the market.
  • There are also many types of treats available that come with a fair amount of fats in it. Feeding such treats is also beneficial for fattening the ferret. The only con of feeding treats is that you do not know the exact count of calories in it.

I hope this article helps in planning the diet for your ferret for weight gain. Make sure your ferret doesn’t laze around much after heavy meals, or it might result in obesity.

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  1. I have two girls, both 18months old, not related. They are fussy eaters, won’t touch dry food or chicken, only raw lamb or beef. I give them raw eggs every two or three days, which they love. Misty is a good weight and sleeps a lot. Lucy Lu is very thin, and hyperactive, running full throttle everywhere she goes. I have tried a vitamin supplement, but that just makes her worse. Any ideas?

    1. Hi Nicole! I would suggest you to search for some home-cooked meal recipes. Find out what your ferret likes by trying different meals. Also, give her a little treat every time she finishes her meal. There are many fattening treats available in the market, consult your vet and feed them accordingly. Lastly, try to incorporate calcium or other supplements with their food itself.

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