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How to Get Rid of Fleas on Ferrets? – Best Treatment and Home Remedies

If ferrets get fleas on their body, then it becomes difficult for the ferrets to live the comfortable life. The presence of insects on their body can cause many types of health issues. They may suffer from itching skin and allergies which may cause hair fall. In case if massive fleas are found on their body, then they serious problems may occur like swallowing bile, stumbling, diarrhea, drooling, vomiting, weakness and much more.

So it is essential that your lovely ferrets should be free from fleas so that they can enjoy the comfortable and healthy stay. Here I will talk over the ways which will serve as the sound treatment and remedy if you find fleas on ferrets. So let’s move ahead to discuss the same.

How to Get Rid of Fleas on Ferrets?

1) Flea Prevention

Flea PreventionMake use of flea prevention which will serve as the obstruction for the fleas to make their home on the body of the ferrets. The important periodic flea deterrent will protect your ferrets. In the market, you can get the products of flea prevention on ferrets.

2) Cleaning Cage

Cleaning CageTo get away with the fleas it is important to keep ferrets and its surroundings clean and hygienic as insects build their house in dirt and uncleanness. Twice in a week clean and set up a ferret cage and bedding of the ferrets with warm water and soap so that germs do not get developed in the cage. Ensure the enclosure must be free from remaining flea eggs.
Along with the cleanliness of the cage for ferrets and the surroundings of the ferrets you also pay attention to the tidiness of your home as fleas can enter your home too and can spoil the whole environment. Use the vacuum cleaner to clean the carpets and furniture so that fleas don’t find any place to reside. You can apply flea killing spray to kill the fleas present in your house.

3) Role of apple cider vinegar

In the ferret water you can add apple cider vinegar which will taste like ferret’s blood repellent to fleas and ticks. This solution will serve as the inhibitor and will work as the ferret fleas home remedy.

4) Give a bath

Bathing Ferret If you find adult fleas on the body of the ferrets then give a bath to your ferrets. Make use of warm water and dawn dish soap or ferret flea shampoo to clean your ferrets. In case you find any fleas on the fur of the ferrets then you can use the flea comb to remove them. After, bath let your ferrets dry. No doubt the bathing will take away the fleas from the ferrets’ skin but when they come in contact with air then again fleas can attack them. So besides bathing, you also use the products that help in checking flea infestation. Make sure all the adult fleas get killed by the disinfectant.

5) Apply chemicals

You can make use of chemicals like Advantage (imidacloprid), Program (lufenuron), Revolution (selamectin) and Frontline that will help in preventing the growth of ferrets. All these products are available in the market which will provide secure life to your ferrets.
Usage of pills – You can make use of flea pills to kill the fleas. In food, you can mix the pills in crushed form so that your ferrets can consume it readily. You can get the adequate results if your ferrets’ consume a significant amount of food mixed with pills.

Best Treatment and Home Remedies

From this article, you will come to know the top treatment and home remedies that will assist you regarding how to get rid of fleas on ferrets so that you can keep away the fleas, ticks, and bugs from your lovely ferrets. All the guidelines as mentioned above will serve as the ferret flea treatment that will provide contented stay to your ferrets. Now your ferrets will live the protected life free of fleas. Let your pet enjoy comfortable and relaxed life in the ferret cage by following the treatments stated in this article.


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