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How to Set up a Ferret Cage? – Top Caring Tips

For all the pet owners it becomes quite important and challenging issue to arrange best ferret cage setup for their lovely ferrets. Are you looking for ferret cage set up so that you can provide the comfortable life to your ferrets? If your reply is yes, then here I will make you acquainted with the same. Let’s move ahead.

How To Set Up a Ferret Cage?

1) Buy a Ferret

First of all, you buy a spacious cage for your fun-loving ferret. Make sure that the cage should possess enough space so that your furry friend can stay happy. The standard size would be around 10.8 square feet and 19.7 inches. The ferret can stand and should be allowed to walk easily.

2) Look after Requirements

Arrange the elementary stuff like water, food, bedding, and litter. Ensure your precious ferrets can easily reach to all these necessary stuff. You can fasten the ceramic crocks or bowls to the cage so that you can effortlessly serve the food and water to your ferrets.

For bedding, you can arrange your old T-shirts, or you can go to some commercially available sleep areas like sleep sacks and hammocks.

The ferret litter boxes can be arranged by making use of newspaper, corn cob, recycled paper or wood pellet bedding. Make sure that the litter box must be safe for the ferrets and can control the odor. It is essential to keep the litter box fresh and clean for which you should conduct some weekly task like to change the litter, wash the bedding, wipe down the cage and daily scoop the litter. You can attach litter box to the side or corner of the cage.

3) Arrange Toys

Ferrets are fond of playing. You can arrange toys to keep the adoring ferrets energetic, active, busy and joyful. During their free time, they can play with the toys. The toys in the cage will add excitement in their life. You can place Pop-N-Play Ball Pit; Super Thru-Way Ferret Tunnel; Teach and Treat Toy.

On a regular basis you should check the conditions of the toys, and if you find any damages, then you can replace it. The toys should be ferret-friendly so that ferret can play without any difficulty.

Final Verdict

All these points mentioned above are ideal for ferret cage setup which will immensely help you in providing the excellent quality life to your beloved ferrets. The ferret- friendly cage will be attained by following these necessary steps. Cage is the place where ferrets spend their most of time. It should be durable and of good quality.

Usually, the ferrets sleep for 18 hours in a day so you can make out that from cage ferrets come out for less time. You can buy wire cages or the cages featuring the plastic bases. It would be great if you buy a pen for ferrets that enjoys lots of levels so that your ferret can jump, play and climb easily. By organizing all these facilities, you will provide pleasurable stay to your ferrets.

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