Is a Ferret a Good Pet? Check Out Pros and Cons Before You Own

Are you planning to get ferrets at your home? If you are a pet lover and wanted to include ferrets in your family, then I would feel like to share the pros and cons of having the ferrets at your home.

First of all, let’s talk about whether the ferret is a good pet or not.

Is a Ferret a Good Pet?

Ferrets are sportive, fun loving and interactive animals. With their owners, they develop the bonding and affection. They  possess the following features

  • Cute and playful –

Ferrets are endearing as they possess prankish eyes and sweet faces. They love to play with toys. Your mood and heart will be filled with joy whenever you observe the dear ferrets in playing activities.

  • Outgoing and amiable –

Sometimes owners keep more than one ferret in their home which in turn provides ample of opportunities to the ferrets to develop interaction with one another. Being amiable they prefer to have friendliness with their owners.

  • Personality traits-

They are small and possess its own personality. Huge cages can be avoided for these unique creatures. You will some of them cuddly while some independent.

  • Effortless to feed and exercise-

You can easily train these loving creatures. Provide good quality ferret food to your pets as it is easily available.

  • Brainy and quiet-

Ferrets holds the skill of solving the problems as they are brainy. Most of the time they remain quiet and for the major portion of the day, they enjoy sleeping.

  • Litter trained-

You can train your ferrets regarding how to make use of the litter box. In and out of their cages they can use litter box without any difficulty.

From all these factors you can make out that ferret is a good pet and can occupy an important place in your family with your proper love and care.

As nothing comes 100% perfect. If you are thinking that ferrets do not hold any disadvantage, then it would be the wrong assumption.

Let’s talk about the disadvantages of owning a ferret.


Devote enough time to play- As a pet owner, you have to give a lot of quality time to your ferrets as they are playful animals. If you have a busy schedule, then you can’t devote adequate time to your ferrets for playing.

  • The lifespan of the ferret

6 to 10 years is the lifespan of ferrets. In case you are planning to shift or getting transferred to other places, then you have to carry your ferret with you. If you are unsettled, then it would be great to have old ferret rather than buying the baby ferret.

  • Unsuitable for young children

The ferrets can bite the young children if they are handled roughly. So if you have a kid in your house, then make sure it will unsafe for you to keep ferrets at your home.

  • The problem for busy home

Ferrets have the tendency to get underfoot so if there are lots of members in the house, then it will create the problem of stepping on. At times these lovely creatures can suffer from safety risk as they can escape on opening and closing of the door.

  • Strong odor

The strong odor in ferrets will create a stale scent in your home. Their scent glands produce a musty scent which is quite evident. The smell becomes so much apparent that you feel like you are surrounded by the scent of the skunk.

  • High cost

To own the ferrets will cost you much. You have to spend on the adoption fees, vaccinations, sterilizations, other basic amenities. It is costly to possess this loving animal.

The above-mentioned points reflect that if you want to become the ferret owner, then you will be going to face some disadvantages for keeping the ferret in your family.

Are ferrets dangerous?


Ferrets are not dangerous if you look after some important points before bringing ferret to your home. Ferrets possess some pros and cons. It would be great that you go through the advantages and disadvantages of owning the ferrets beforehand with the help of this article.

Here you can decide whether ferret can be your best friend or you have to keep them away from your home.

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